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SU-QUAH-NATCH-AH Choctaw Band Kemper/Carroll County Mississippi Sub Chief/Captain under Chief Greenwood Leflore

SU-QUAH-NATCH-AH Mississippi Choctaw Band
Location of Reservations under The Choctaw Treaty of the 27th of September, 1830. Communicated to the Senate April 11, 1834. The three districts surveyed are Nitachacha, Mushulatubbee and Leflore.
Momin Tubbee
SU-QUAH-NATCH-AH Choctaw Band Kemper/Carroll County Mississippi Momin tubbee: Sub/ Chief /Captain/ Headsman under Chief Greenwood Leflore; Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat 513) compliance under Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, Dist: (4) Southern Leflore/Rutherford Locality: Kemper/Carroll County MS.
Name: Momin Tubbee(Billy Jackson) b. 1800 Kemper County MS. Band located along the Tombigbee Cr Choctw meaning: "Choctaw Mound Tomb builders" Momin Tubbee Sub Chief/Captain under Chief Greenwood Leflore/Rutherford:
Spouse: Staley Jackson b. 1802 (Mississippi Choctaw Full Blood)
Daughter Sarah Jackson 1825 Kemper County Mississippi
Spouse: John Carppenter b; 1822 Kemper County Mississippi
Daughter: Martha Elisabeth Carpenter b. 1852-1855 Reservation lands Kemper/Carroll County Mississippi, Res: Dawes Commission Indian Territory Court Transcript (Near Teoc MS) Adendum Res: Fed Census 1860 Southern Police (District 4) Carroll County MS.
Spouse: John W Allen 1855 Ala. Res: 1900 Pushmataha Finley Okla, 1 NR 20 East.
James Gilbert ALLEN b: 5 SEP 1876 in Conway, Arkansas
Harriet ALLEN b: APR 1880 in Conway, Arkansas
John William ALLEN b: 24 DEC 1884 in Conway, Arkansas
Charles S ALLEN b: 11 JUL 1888 in Conway, Arkansas
Staley M ALLEN b: 11 MAR 1889 in Conway, Arkansas
Myrtle ALLEN b: FEB 1891 in Conway, Arkansas
Located about eight miles northwest of North Carrollton, Teoc is probably the oldest settlement in Carroll County. This community was named by the Indians, and Malmaison, the home of Greenwood Leflore, was in the area. The five Redditt brothers, David, Robert, Anthony, William, said Albert came here in 1829 and purchased land from the state, with receipts made out at Chocchuma Landing. The settlement was started by the Redditt brothers, along with the Price, Irby, Chandler, and Barrows families who came with them. Big Teoc Creek crosses the community, and Little Teoc winds its way through it and into a larger creek of clear water. This water is supposed to contain great quantities of minerals, from which a chill tonic factory, at one time, did a good business.
The surrounding hills are rich in the deposits of Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red Clay, which was used by the Indians years ago as their war paint.
Some names of early settlers of the community were McCain, Aiken, Durbin, Johnston, Meux, Reynolds, Long, Arnold, Redditt, Clark, Mabray, Browning, Hughes, Williford, Woodell, Kent, Emmons, Coakley, Graves, Sabin, Smith, Liddell, Chapman, Vickers, Merriwether, Roberts, Metcalf, Monday, Colburn and, of course, Leflore.
Leo Pergson Chief Su-Quah-Natch-Ah Band Choctaw Nation Mississippi